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Antennas & Mounts

What You Should Know about mount's

Compatibility: mounts on this page will be compatible with any fiberglass or center-load CB antenna on the market, as they both use an industry standard 3/8" x 24 thread. Most mount's include a stud,or magent mount's antenna,With stationary whips mounted on structures, an artificial "ground plane" consisting of three or four rods a quarter-wavelength long extending horizontally from the base of the whip is often used. This provides a stable input impedance and pattern by helping prevent RF currents in the supporting mast and along the outside of the feed line.This type of antenna is called a ground plane antenna.Often the ground plane rods are sloped downward toward the ground, which lowers the main lobe of the radiation pattern and increases the normal 36.8 ohm radiation resistance closer to 50 ohms to provide a better