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The Citizen's Band (CB) Radio Service, also known simply as CB, is a public, two-way personal radio service. There are several classifications of CB operation. The best-known form of CB is voice communications that became a fad in the 1970s. Mobile CB operation, especially in cars and trucks, remains popular. To a lesser extent, "CB'ers" engage in fixed operation from homes, Most CB operation takes place within a narrow band of frequencies near 27 MHz. There are 40 channels in this band. These channels are overcrowded. Congestion is worst during peaks in the 11-year sunspot cycle when the 27-MHz band supports worldwide communication known as "skip." Sunspot cycle peaks occurred in 1967-69, 1978-80, 1989-and more with this Radio lots of people go out and key down and have fun, and its used in case off in a emergency in bad weather,CB is still popular among long-haul truck drivers to communicate directions, traffic problems and other relevant matters.[33] The unofficial "travelers channel" in most of the world is channel 19; in Australia it is channel 8 (27.055 MHz) and UHF channel 40 (477.400 MHz). In Russia it is channel 15 (in addition to traditional "emergency" 9 and "truckers" 19 channels) and in Greece it is channel 13, all AM. These frequencies may have evolved because tuned circuits (particularly antennas) work best in the middle of the band; the frequency for channel 19 (not channel 20) is the center of the 40-channel US band and other things being equal, signals will be transmitted and heard the farthest. Since less standardization exists in Europe, CB there is more associated with hobbyists than with truckers.Legal (short‑range) use of CB radio is sometimes impeded by users of illegal high‑power transmitters, which can be heard hundreds of miles away. The other problem with short‑range CB use in propagation; during long‑range "skip" conditions local signals are inaudible while distant signals boom in as if they were local.In the United States, the number of users and low enforcement financing by the Federal Communications Commission mean that only the worst offenders are sanctioned, which makes legitimate operation on the citizens band unreliable. Most offenders are not caught for interfering with other CB users; often, their self‑modified equipment generates we sale the findist cb radio around at
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  • cobra 18 wx st

    FeatureBenefitSoundTracker®Dramatically improves the sound quality of the transmission and reception of CB signals.Instant Channel 9 and 19Instant access to emergency channel 9 and information channel 19.Dual WatchMonitors two (2) user-selected channels...

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  • cobra 19 dx iv

    cobra 19 dx iv

    FeatureBenefitRF GainAdjusts receive gain in weak and strong signal areas.4 Pin Screw-On Mic ConnectorConvenient removal of mic for storage and easy reach from anywhere inside the vehiclePowerOn/Off and volume controlSquelch ControlElimiates background...

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  • Cobra 19DXIV CAMO Camouflage

    Cobra 19DXIV CAMO Camouflage

    This camouflage mobile CB radio offers Instant Channel 9 and 19, RF Gain and an Illuminated LCD Display, all in a compact design!FeatureBenefitRF Gain Adjusts receive gain in weak and strong signal areas.4 Pin Screw-On Mic Connector Convenient removal of...

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  • Cobra 25 LTD

    Cobra 25 LTD 40-Channel CB Radio The 25 LTD Classic is rugged professional full featured CB radio with professional-driver requested improvements Description The 25 LTD Classic has taken the professional's advice and made some useful...

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  • cobra 25 ltd classic

    25 LTD Features:Classic 40 Channel CB RadioBuilt-in PA capabilityAccessible front microphone connector for easy installation in-dash or under-dashAdjustable Dynamike microphone gain to control transmit volumeTactile controls allow drivers to adjust...

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  • cobra 25 lx

    cobra 25 lx

    FeatureBenefitSelectable 4-Color LCD Display Choose from four easy-to-read display colors: red, blue, green and amber.Radio Check Diagnostic Allows testing of important radio functions such as RF power, antenna condition and battery voltage.Memory...

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  • cobra 29 ltd bt

    cobra 29 ltd bt

    Cobra is giving professional drivers one more way to communicate safely and easily with the first-ever CB radio with Bluetooth technology - the new 29 LTD BT. The Bluetooth feature allows drivers a better way to have phone conversations on the road...

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  • cobra 29 ltd chrome

    cobra 29 ltd chrome

    The 29 LTD Classic has a new look! This new model adds; chrome cabinet, chrome microphone, blue channel LEDs and signal strength meter. Professional driver-requested improvements include a front panel microphone connector (for convenient in-dash...

    $250.00 $138.00
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  • cobra 29 ltd nightwatch

    The NightWatch series of CB radios continues Cobra's proud and unmatched tradition of enhancing safety and convenience for professional drivers. NightWatch technology fully illuminates the radio's function settings for easy viewing at night. The unique,...

    $200.00 $139.00
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  • COBRA 29 LX

    COBRA 29 LX

    The 29 LX features a modern aesthetic design with a selectable LCD color display in red, green, blue, or amber to complement the interior of any cab. The display also has customizable night and day settings to enhance readability in both very bright and...

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  • Cobra 29 LX BT

    Cobra 29 LX BT

    Caller ID with VoiceNumber display and voice announcement of incoming callAddress book automatically downloads from your cell phoneText-To-Speech Conversion Have emails and text messages read through the CB speakerReply to text messages and emails...

    $230.00 $189.00
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  • Cobra 29LX Camouflage

    Cobra 29LX Camouflage

    The 29 LX features a modern aestheticdesign with a selectable LCD color display in red, green, blue, or amber to complement the interior of any cab. The display also has customizable night and day settings to enhance readability in both very bright and...

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