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Linear cb amplifiers

Best Linear Amplifiers For CB Radios

Jokerman Electronics online store offers you wide range of linear amplifier for mobile and base CB radios. Inexpensive CB radio amps for beginners and top models for pros are available for purchase in our online shop. We work only with trustworthy radio equipment manufacturers. You probably know about such brands as Texas Star, X-Force, Palomar and DaveMade. Their broad assortment of radios and accessories now can be ordered online. Having dominated the market for many years, these companies deliver their products to USA and many other countries. If you buy any CB radio linear amp from us, you are guaranteed quality and reliability. Need the best CB radio booster? Only here you can order affordable high-quality CB amps! We will gladly help you choose a model that will meet your every requirement. Stay tuned for our shop’s electronics updates. A wide choice of radio equipment and electronic devices you won’t find anywhere else!

What linear CB amplifiers are for

Standard CB radio transmits signals at 26.965-27.405 MHz frequency range. Signal level depends on many extra factors. For instance, signal strength in a big city is much lower than in the countryside due to various interferences. Linear CB amps are often uses to increase the signal strength.

As a rule CB radio station has AM carrier of around 3-4 W, so the output on the radio is approximately 10-12 W. Output 15-18 W is possible only for certain models. Granted nothing obstructs radio waves it’s more than enough for a stable connection. For instance, your radio station will work perfectly out of town or in the open sea. However in the megalopolis your signal won’t go very far. A quality signal booster will help you significantly increase output power. With correct aerial tuning CB radio amplifier will grant you good connection at the distance of 8 000 miles! Modern models have high capacity and efficiency.

Prices for linear amps are quite low in USA due to the constantly growing competition. You can order linear amplifier for CB radio for a $100 max price. If radio is your hobby then this is your best choice. You get a quality device and without emptying your purse. Many affordable CB linear amplifiers can be found in our catalogue.

We have devices with improved specs for the professionals. Our shop is the only place where you can buy the cheapest Watt linear for CB radio! You can order online Texas Star linear amplifiers for CB radios or any other products made by popular companies right away. We have all necessary tools, radio station accessories and universal RFX KITS. Want to know to improve radio signal yourself? Contact us and we will help you choose the best linear amplifier for CB radio in Jokerman Electronics online store!


  • 1x2sc2879,4x2sc2879

     1 2SC2879 driving 4 x 2SC2879 HG:Amp Draw(maximum) 90 Class C SSB Delay NoPre-amp  Driver Required MaximumRecommended Dead Key Output 100w TypicalModulated Power Output (RMS) 300-500 WattsTypical Modulated Power Output (PEP) 600-1000 Watts

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  • 2x2sc2879 amp

    Transistors 2x 2sc2879 Dimensions H 4-1/4" x L 11" x W 6-3/4" Amp Draw (maximum) 48 Class C No Driver Required Power Output (RMS) 180 Watts Power Output (PEP) 400 Watts 

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  • Dave Made 2pill

    Transistors 2 x 2sc2879 DEIask if you likeTOSHIBADimensions H 4-1/4" x L 7-1/8" x W 4-1/4"Max Amp Draw (maximum) 27Class CSSB Delay noPre-amp noNo Driver RequiredMaximum Recommended Dead Key Output From Amp 40wTypical Modulated Power Output (RMS) 80-200...

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  • Dave Made,M-200 1x 2sc2879 X  2x 2sc2879

    Dave Made,M-200 1x 2sc2879 X 2x 2sc2879

    DAVE Made,M-200 ,3pillTransistors 1x 2sc2879 X 2x 2sc2879 Dimensions H 4-1/4" x L 11" x W 6-3/4" Amp Draw (maximum) 48 Class C No Driver Required Max Recommended Dead Key 100 Watts Power Output (RMS) 220 Watts Power Output (PEP) 580 Watts All dave made...

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  • RFX-85

    The RFX85 is replacing the RFX75. Mechanically, the RFX85 features a new aluminumheatsink design with thicker ns for more heat dissipation and greater performance. The newheatsink is fan-ready and supports mounting of either one centered fan or two...

  • Texas Star DX 1600

    Texas Star DX 1600

    THiS amp i now on thespecial order on "ALL web" site not just mine due to the lack offtransistors but you can place your order with me no need to call I can have one amplifier builtjust for youand its not siting around and it tack 2-3 weeks or more than...

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  • Texas Star DX 500V

    Texas Star DX 500V

    TEXAS STAR 500V HIGH DRVE VARIABLE *100 amp powerSUPPLIES to Run ampDEI 4 X 2SC2879 TRANSISTORS*500 Watt output power45 amp fuse *RF meter *Preamp *SSB switchAll Texas Stars does not key up at all if you likeThe tune up conversion 1-3 weeks turnaround...

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  • Texas Star DX-667V

    750W/62A with onlyToshiba Transistor(2) IRF520 driving (4) 2SC2879 Variable Power W/SSB DelayMeter-RF Relative Output Indicator and lights during transmissionOPERATION:Red "POWER" Button turns the unit on and off.White "REC AMP" Button turns the receive...

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  • Texas Star MOD V Texas Star MOD V

    Texas Star MOD V

    2sc2879 or 2sc2290 HG Transistor Class C NO SSB 100 Watts Variable Output Great Driver Unit! 10 DB Receive Preamp Draws Approx. 14 Amps thay all come galaxy radio

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