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Shipping & Returns & Warranty


You have 30 days to all Returns you must keep receipts on file in order to have any Returns.except for the Terms and Conditions.
If you do not have your receipts you canit not ship back to the manufacturer for repairs YOU MUST CALL OR E-MAIL FOR A RMA BE FOR SHIP,
In an effort to decrease warranty repair times, all warranty repair units must be shipped directly to the factories warranty repair center, If you by a radio from jokerman electronics that has bean upgradaed with amp on it or any upgradeds and you used it for a timely manner on radio builds we only warranty faulty parts becouse you used and abused it with hi SWR or hooking it up wrong we well be glad to help you get this fix and Repaired a timely manner we relly care alot about are customer or technicians we are hear to assist you with any problems that you have with any radio work or amp,No Refunds on radio or amp or do to the fact used and abused with every day use, on radio thay must be sent back to jokerman electronics with in 30 day on radio that has bean sup up after that you must pay for all cost void warranty if you open radio,when you sent back that radio with in that 30 day il determine if its my fault or yours will be glad to assist you to resolving this problem only on radio,

This will speed up warranty repair turnaround times by allowing the customer to ship their warranty unit directly to the factory repair facility thereby eliminating the Copper to factory and factory to Copper segment.

We will be happy to assist any customer if there is a problem dealing with a particular factory.

Note: Most manufacturers require an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number before they will accept a return. The telephone numbers to call to request an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number are listed below. Any unit shipped to jokerman electronics without an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number will be refused at the door.

When processing online or phone orders, it is sometimes necessary to request additional documentation relating to customers credit card, billing information or shipping address. This process may cause delays in order processing and may be requested with first time customers, existing customers with new personal information, high dollar orders, large quantity orders and any other order that is deemed necessary at the discretion of JME staff.
  1. All orders can be paid via PayPal this is an acceptable form of payment if customer doesn't wish to provide the information that may be requested above.
  2. Information collected according to the terms above are used for the use of fraud screening, prevention and protection ONLY. Customers personal information is not stored and is used for screening purposes at the time of order only.
  3. Fraud is NOT tolerated and will be reported to the Internet Crime and paypal Complaint Center (IC3) that is a partnered with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).
  4. on amps like TNT xforce amps .DAVE MADE amps. NO Name ampe .TEXAS STAR AMPS a Wholesaler 
  5. I'm not responsible for Any design change or substitute on Parts due to manufacture  Due to Changs
  6. ON ALL 10 Metter AMPLIFIERS ,if you purchase a merchandise if you call to cancel after week later it will not be refunded at all, if you call your card company to cancel  you will be prosecuted, and if you put a dispute on your card the fraud 
  7. department prepared it  will not be tolerated its like  right a hot check any legal action ,Charge Back  from paypal or your bank,,,!! Well Be Proseecuted 
  8. Action against well be legal small claims Court!!
  9. if you waiting on a premade amplifier you must continue on waiting on it tell it gets completed, no Exception!!
  10. I will assist you with anything you jason the Owner of jokerman electronics,
  11. my company is about making you happy give you what you want i HAVE 5 Star ##### see my rating!!
  12. contact me I will be glad assist you of any concerns thank you !!!


  • In-store credit , No returns or Refunds on any merchandise they need to be sent back to the warranty manufacturer
 No warranty, written or implied is made on any products made or sold by JOKERMAN ELECTRONICS INTERNATIONAL. All descriptions given by JOKERMAN ELECTRONICS as to function are for reference only and are not a guarantee. JOKERMAN ELECTRONICS cannot assume any responsibility for personal injury, labor or other injury arising out of the use of any product manufactured or sold. JOKERMAN ELECTRONICS shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to damage or loss of goods or claims of customers of the purchaser which may arise and or result from the sale, installation or use of these products. By purchasing or installing the product, the purchaser agrees to all of these terms.For further warranty information, please see further documentation from the manufacturer of your product. All product warranty is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer. JOKERMAN ELECTRONICS will assist you in providing you with contact details of the warranty service for the purchased item or items.,Any items that are returned to JME for manufacturer warranty will not be accepted and will be sent back to you.!
and all linear amp must be sent back to the warranty center dave made amp,No name amps, Xforce amps
  • Instore , No returns or Refunds  they need to be sent back to the warranty manufacturer
  • not the jokerman electronics i well help you with any thing you need help out with 
 when you send a amp to my shop for repair and it gets fix  it ship out to you working if you burn the amp We Do Not  warranty the transistor AT ALL we  warranty everything like resistors 
Damaged Shipments
If you receive a package That has been damaged in route to you, please contact your local UPS or USPS office IMMEDIATELY. Request that a representative of UPS pickup the merchandise and return it to us at no cost to you. You must have the merchandise in its original packing and in the condition in which it was received. We will not file a refund or an exchange until UPS agrees to pay for the damages. on Shipment's All Items Are Pack WEll And Professionally See my 5 Star's
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XForce amps



RMA number required
Cobra Electronics
Cobra Radios and Accessories
RMA number required
Consumer Electronics
Galaxy Radios & Texas Star Units
RMA number not required
K-40 Electronics
K-40 Products
RMA number required
Ranger Communications
Ranger Radios
RMA number required
Maco Products
RMA number required
RF Limited
Magnum Products
RMA number required
Tencom, LTD
Solarcon Products
RMA number required
Tripplite Products
RMA number required
Uniden Corp.
Uniden Products
RMA number required
Dosy Meters
RMA number required
Connex Radios
Connex Radios
RMA number required
Stryker Radios
Stryker Radios
RMA number required
Northpoint Radios
dave made amps
RMA number required